Subscription Account

If you subscribed PRIOR to March 10, 2022 or haven't switched over to our new subscription account - no problem!  Click the link below to log into your account or email me at to make any changes!  

Click Here

If you subscribed ON or AFTER March 10, 2022 or have moved to our new platform, click the Account icon in the main menu to log into your account.  Follow the link for "Need Help Accessing Your Subscriptions" if it's your first time logging in to your subscription - you'll receive an email to activate the account. 


Psst...If you'd like to switch to our new platform but haven't yet - simply log in or email me to cancel your old subscription and sign up for a new one by hitting Subscribe in the main menu.  If you take this step between the 27th and last day of the month, your renewal will already have gone through and you will need to email me to process a refund for you - it is NOT automatic.