Answering as many questions as possible!

I'm having trouble logging in.

We updated our subscription platform in 2022.  Be sure to click "Manage Subscriptions" on the login page to access your subscriptions.  The first time, you may need to receive a one time email link to confirm you're you and keep your financial info as secure as possible.  Once you complete that, when you log in you will see and be able to manage your subscriptions.  

If you don't receive an email link - you may still be on our old platform, as we weren't able to migrate everyone due to payment method or other irreconcilable errors. If you signed up directly via Cratejoy, you can still access your account from their website (www.cratejoy.com) but otherwise, send me an email and we'll get you sorted!  amym@fourbearsstickerclub.ca

How often will I get a sticker pack?

Subscriptions are shipped once a month - on the 7th of each month for all orders placed in the prior month.  For example, a subscription order placed anytime in November will be shipped on December 7th.   

When is the deadline to order?

All orders placed by the last day of the month prior will ship on the 7th of the next month.  For example: A purchase anytime in August will receive September's pack, shipping on September 7th.

What's included?

Amazing stickers of course!  But really - all packs include 8 sheets of stickers, all of which are Four Bears originals, featuring various global artists and a fun postcard to decorate.  The Little Kids pack includes puffy and scratch 'n sniff sheets.  

When will I get my package?

Subscription orders ship on the 7th of each month and shop orders on the next business day.  

Standard shipping times in Canada range from 3-5 business days, for the US 5-12 business days and internationally 5-15 days.  

PLEASE NOTE: Delivery times can vary widely across countries (and even within them).  If you haven't received your package by the end of the above noted times, please reach out to me at amym@fourbearsstickerclub.ca 

When will I be billed?

Renewals are processed on the 27th of every month.  

If you purchased a 3 or 6 month plan, it will renew on the 27th day of the month after the months (3 or 6) have passed, for the same number of months again.  If you'd like to make any changes, you can log into your account or email me at amym@fourbearsstickerclub.ca for help.

Can I pause my subscription?

You can't pause it indefinitely (what, no more stickers?!) but you can skip a month if you're all stocked up or the sneak peek isn't your cup of tea.  You can change your mind and unskip right up until the last day of the month.  Just log into your account to make the change.  The next month, you can skip again or continue.  If you have any troubles, send me an email at amym@fourbearsstickerclub.ca for help. 

Little Kids or Big Kids pack?

The Little Kids pack is geared toward ages 3-12 and includes scented and puffy stickers, a postcard - to decorate and send, along with activity pages every month.  Stickers tend to be larger and a little more "kawaii" - think cute, with more faces in unexpected places!

The Big Kids pack is intended for adults - lifelong sticker lovers and is loosely themed each month.  This may be the pack to choose for older teens.

Check us out on Instagram for sneak peeks to see what is coming in the next month pack (@fourbearsstickerclub) or look at our past packs in the shop to get a feel for the type of stickers you'll receive and which pack will suit you best.

Why are Four Bears stickers not in their own individual packaging?

Good question!  This is a conscious decision on our part, in order to reduce the use of plastic.  All shipments from our store are sent in a reusable bag, to protect from the elements but we do not package our sheets individually in order to avoid unnecessary packaging and waste.  We encourage reuse of the packaging as much as possible and will endeavour to use as little packaging as practical to send your shipment.

 If you still have questions, please reach out by emailing: amym@fourbearsstickerclub.ca