Like so many others, I loved stickers growing up (though not as many as I would have liked ever made their way into our shopping cart!). One of the best parts of having kids of my own, was the excuse to buy *all the stickers* for "my kids".  But it was difficult to find great stickers in Canada and I thought surely, everyone deserves some sticker fun!  And Four Bears Sticker Club started to take shape!  While it started with just the Little Kids pack, I quickly realized there were many grown up sticker lovers like me and the Big Kids pack was born. 

Four Bears ships worldwide (because no one should miss out on the sticker fun) and has expanded from sourcing great stickers to making our own! All of the stickers in each pack are from Four Bears.  

Who are the Four Bears?  Well - it's a family business and we are four members strong!  It's woman owned and operated with a little help from the other bears around the house.

There is something special about holding a little piece of art in your hand and placing it strategically to bring joy throughout your day.  And that joy is what we are seeking to share with the world with our stickers.  I can't wait for you to join the club and start to receive sticker mail - it is the best kind, after all! 

Amy M